Should I Purchase Real Estate in Sea Ranch CA?


Do you cherish Northern California’s stunning and unique landscape? Do you wish to see the region preserved, all the while taking advantage of its incredible offerings? If so, purchasing¬†real estate in Sea Ranch CA may be right for you. Located just north of both San Francisco and Bodega Bay real estate, the homes in Sea Ranch were designed in a way to harmoniously exist among the rocky cliffs, lush forests, and crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean and surrounding area.

Nestled along infamous State Route 1, the community of Sea Ranch was the brainchild of Al Boeke of Oceanic Properties. Originally owned by one family, Boeke came across the land in the 1960s, and recommended that the company develop the region. However, the situation was different, in that Boeke did not wish to utilize the land to house as many units as possible, as many developers had been doing at that time. He envisioned a community in which homes were sparsely populated, and occupied by residents that truly cared about the land’s miraculous beauty. First, landscape architect Lawrence Halprin was hired to generate a master plan, followed by the architectural firm of Moore, Lyndon, Turnbull and Whitaker to design the prototype buildings. Architect Joseph Esherick was also hired to design a cluster of residences in the hedgerow. With just over¬†300 full-time residents, and a plethora of vacationers, the community of Sea Ranch spans over 16 square miles.

What is the Real Estate in Sea Ranch CA Like?

Using very distinct architecture, the real estate in Sea Ranch CA is unlike any other. Drawing from local agricultural buildings, the architects, designers, and builders of the community all integrated unpainted wood, non-overhanging eaves, and minimalistic lighting to the structures. Many of the homes for sale in Sea Ranch are smaller, acting as secondary homes for residents.

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