The cost of living in Bodega Bay includes several factors: rent/mortgage, tax rates for homeowners, HOA dues (for Sereno del Mar and Bodega Harbour), utilities, and services. Since several of these factors vary greatly throughout the area, there is no way to provide an estimated cost of living for a typical individual. However, below you will find a list of typical expenditures above and beyond the rent/mortgage.

Throughout California, newly purchased or newly built property is appraised at full cash value. Annual increases in valuation are limited to 2% (“Proposition 13″), plus any voter approved assessments.

Here is a list of regional and local property taxes and assessments for a Bodega Bay homeowner:

  • Property tax
  • Homeowners exemption for principal residence
  • Shoreline School District Supplemental Tax
  • Bodega Bay Fire Protection District Supplemental Tax
  • Sonoma Mosquito Supplemental Tax
  • Palm Drive Healthcare District (%) Supplemental Tax
  • Palm Drive Healthcare District (set amount) Supplemental Tax
  • Warm Springs Dam Russian River Project Supplemental Tax

Bodega Harbour Homeowner’s Association Dues
Homeowner’s dues are currently $822.00 per quarter as of 2013.

Utility & Service Rates

Water: $22.00 bi-monthly minimum charge
Sewer: Single family residence minimum charge based on metered water use
Electricity: varies
Gas: varies
Cable TV: $50.00 per month for Comcast
SBC Telephone: $10.69 + taxes (basic monthly rate only)
Garbage: $32.72 per month for a 32 gallon can